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Posted by Alan 10/06/2016 5 Comment(s)

We offer Technical Assistance for your Workhorse RV Chassis. This technical support includes Drivability, Auto Park Brake, Steering and Handling, and Electrical issues. Our staff is experienced and helpful for repair shops around the country, or RV owners that just need a little guidance. We also offer a full range of Genuine and Aftermarket parts for the Workhorse Chassis through our parts distribution site Please leave us a question or feedback about what we have done or can do to help you.

5 Comment(s)

Steve Barka:
01/27/2017, 04:57:40 PM, Workhorse 8.1L gas 2004.

Starter won't engage when temperature is below 40 degrees. Battery tests good, cleaned cable connections, tried auxiliary battery switch, clicked but no help. Jumped starter solenoid and started right up. ???

01/30/2017, 03:26:34 PM

Steve, That is a good one, I would test at the starter relay in the under hood fuse block, check and see with the relay removed to see if you have a ground being provided to pin 85 or 86 when the key is turned to the crank position. If you do see a switched ground at one of those pins, then see if you have 12 volts at the other pin either 85 or 86 when the key is in the run position. Do these tests when the coach does not start. Let me know what you find.

Pete Bustabad:
03/28/2017, 12:12:48 PM

Do you have anything like the stabil-air suspension kits for w-22??

Alan Sanders:
03/30/2017, 09:13:43 AM

Steve, We do not have anything that is like the Stabil-Air kit that Workhorse previously had available. The suspension kits we offer do not use air bags, you can see those kits here .

Keith Conley:
05/04/2017, 08:18:01 AM

Hello, I have a 2008 Winnebago Destination 39W, on a 2007 UFO Chassis. Of course it's a 8.1 with a Allison 6 spd. I want to know, what the torque value is for the Koni 99B-3209 front shocks, upper and lower. I need to know what that value is for tighten. Also, I need to know the Torque value for the rear's as well. I have the 8805-1002. Any help would be appreciated. I look forward to seeing you guy's on the trail, as I have some upgrades I may need. You have come very, very recommended. Thanks

Alan Sanders:
05/17/2017, 11:01:14 AM

Keith, Sorry for the delay in response. The torque for all the 3/4" grade 8 bolts are 420 lb ft with dry threads, and 320 if the threads have anti-seize or other lubrication on the threads.

Norman Gunderson:
06/19/2017, 05:42:41 AM

I have a 2008 Workhorse 8.1 that seems to have the wrong ppm programed in the ECM. The speedometer reads right about 10% faster than it should compared to my GPS. The milage is out also. Can you reset the ppm to correct this? I still have the stock tire size, so I think it has been this way since new. I just bought it a year ago and would like to get it to read the correct speed and distance. Thanks for any info.

Alan Sanders:
06/19/2017, 07:14:52 AM

Norman, Could you email me your VIN so I can see what you have? Once we have that, we can discuss what is going on. Please email the VIN using the contact form. Looking forward to helping out.

Mike@ Sals autoER:
06/29/2017, 09:30:47 AM

I am working on a 2002 Workhorse W22, 8.1. The owners were heading home to Wisconson in this rig they had purchased at a small "Mom and Pop" car lot in Ocala, Florida. They made it to our sister shop in Gainesville, Florida, and the rig went into " reduced power" mode, with no throttle response. The tech there cleaned the T-body, and it seemed good, until they got back on the interstate, where they limped it to our shop. I scanned for codes, and got the dreaded P1518. It was late on a Friday, and I really have no info on that chassis, so they were going to try a local RV dealer, but got little response. They flew back to Wisconson, and left the rig with us. Without a wiring diagram its tough to diag, so did the next best thing...throw parts at it. Replace the throttle pedal, no change, tried a new t-body, nope, then the TAC module itself. Nothing seems to help, but we can return the pedal and t-body. I am trying to check the Data lines from the TAC to the PCM, but cannot verify which ones at the PCM are the proper wires. I have been attempting to use a diagram from the same year 3500 Van with the 8.1, but am struggling with which "orange/Black, cir. 1061" and Dark Blue/White cir. 774" is at the PCM. The PCM is getting no info from the module, but cannot determine if the module isn't sending, or if the PCM isn't recognizing and processing it. There is very limited throttle response, maybe from 800 RPM to 1600 RPM, with the throttle wide open. The rig is a 2002 and only has 4750 mikes on it. I have looked for evidence of rodents, but found none. Any help/direction would be appreciated. We are getting no help from the RV dealers in the area. Thank you! Mike

Alan Sanders:
06/29/2017, 11:56:13 AM

Mike, I have sent some information to your email.

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