AQ-8A1 - Class A Gas/Class 8 Diesel 4 Pump Automatic Leveling System

AQ-8A1 - Class A Gas/Class 8 Diesel 4 Pump Automatic Leveling System


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Additional Costs Notice


Please be aware that installing a leveling jack system is a custom installation and may require additional labor and/or parts. These kits require mounts to be attached to the frame rails. In some cases additional labor is necessary to move objects that are in the way or pose a danger for installation or use of the system. 

Motorhomes are not all the same, even if you have the "same" model as your friend. Body builders generally do not not always assemble them with the brackets and other objects in exactly the same place. Locations may vary just enough to require relocation on one and not on the other.

Listed here are some examples where additional costs would be incurred.

  • Example 1- Safety Hazard: If the fuel tank is too close to a location that a jack mount must be welded, the fuel tank would have to be removed before welding on the jack mount to the frame, then reinstalled.
  • Example 2 - Obstruction: If a body mount is in the way of mounting a leveling jack, the body mount would have to be modified or moved to allow for installation of the jack and mount.
  • Example 3 - Additional Parts: If the space available to mount the pump assembly does not allow for mounting it directly on the jack or close to the jack, the hoses that were provided in the kit may not be long enough to reach. In this case new longer hoses will have to be purchased to complete the installation. (This also may require more time)

For situations like these, additional labor and/or parts will be required to complete the installation of the leveling system that is not shown in price listed.

Part# AQ-8A1
  • Simple, one touch operation for fully automatic leveling of the vehicle or trailer.​
  • Individual power units at each corner, which means nearly 4x the pump life compared to ordinary central pump systems due to each pump only running 25% of the time, less cycles = less wear & tear.
  • All-Up safety feature signals if one or more of the cylinders are not fully retracted before you drive off.
  • Manual adjustment feature that allows you to operate each cylinder individually.
  • Four powder coated cylinders made at our facility capable of lifting 12,000 pounds each with 16" of stroke.
  • Four weatherproof hydraulic power units, each with an American made marine pump & motor wrapped in a steel housing, allows the unit to be mounted outside in the elements so it does not take up storage space.
  • 100 square inch "Bigfoot" pads for secure ground contact during operation.
  • All necessary components and hardware for a complete installation!

Designed for the Freightliner M2, Chevrolet Kodiak 5500 and Universal Class A Gas chassis.

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