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Upgraded J71 Parking Brake Actuator - New Replacement Cylinder

When we offered a rebuild service on this actuator cylinder for the Late 1995 and 1996-2004 Chevrolet and Workhorse P32 Chassis. We found many that were sent in for the rebuild service had damaged internal cylinder walls.  Although a cost effective repair compared to the replacement cost of a new actuator, many were not rebuildable. New factory replacment actuators can cost as much as $1300.00 and the rebuild service was being offered at $299.00 with a 1 year warranty. However with this new option it is offered at $499.00 and has a 5 year warranty.

  • Like the original, these are made with a DOM steel cylinder.
  • We use a machined mounting plate instead of stamped steel.
  • We use a one piece internal cylinder machined from stainless steel, instead of the two piece brass and mild steel design.
  • We use a stainless steel end cap instead of mild steel.
  • These are completely made in the USA.






Actia Instrument Cluster Rebuild Service

Not just a mere repair, but a permanent solution. Other rebuilds use the exact OEM replacement display which will fail again in 4-5 years.  This is because OEM display construction uses flimsy bonded plastic ribbon technology in a plastic frame. Our panels use proprietary conductive high temperature silicone matrix bonded to glass in a steelframe with an estimated lifespan of 30-100 years or more.

This rebuild is guaranteed to restore your faded or difficult to read odometer with a brand new industrial constructed panel vastly superior to the original. Your Workhorse cluster will not require reprogramming.

This quality repair service includes the following work performed to your Workhorse instrument cluster:

  • - Full power up and test of the instrument cluster before & after repairs
  • - Replacement of faulty OEM LCD with industrial rated panel
  • - Dark Blue back light color for highest contrast and easy daytime/evening reading (odometer display only)
  • - Replacement of all gauge stepper motors with new higher quality motors
  • - EEPROM data (mileage) preserved so display automatically reads correct mileage
  • - Lifetime warranty on LCD Screen and gauge stepper motors
  • - Please anticipate a 3-5 business day turnaround time from the time we RECEIVE your cluster, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • - Your account will be updated with the return tracking number upon our receipt of your cluster.  The tracking number will be emailed to you. The tracking number will not become active on UPS until the cluster repair is finished, which is generally 3-5 business days.  To check the status of your repair, please check the tracking number for movement on the UPS website.  If there is no movement, then your cluster repair is still in process.​



Allison 1000-2000 Transmission Control Rebuild Service

This rebuild service will repair and/or reprogram you Allison Transmission Control Module ( TCM ). If you have a 2001-2005 Allison 1000-2000 series transmission that has issues, we can help. We repair and also reprogram these TCM's for multiple isssues such as...

  • Blowing Fuses - Example: PCM/TCM Fuse on a Workhorse Chassis.
  • Changing Shift Points - Example: Won't shift into overdrive until 55 mph.
  • Won't Power Up - Example: No communication issues - NO J1939 Codes



Chevrolet and Workhorse Engine Computers for 2001-2005 Model Years

This rebuild service restores these failed PCM's to operation. We also offer a programming services for these that will change multiple parameters.

See also: Part# UPGM




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