Class A RV Full Brake Inspection

Class A RV Full Brake Inspection


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Class A RV Full Brake Inspection Service

Description of Service:

This is a comprehensive brake inspection. This would be if you have reason to suspect that there is an issue with your brakes ( Such as a shop suggesting that you need brakes, or if you feel or hear something out of the ordinary. )

We perform a visual brake inspection using a mirror of the wheel end brake components included with our Engine Oil Change Services. If we find something of concern at that point we would recommendations.

    Visual inspection of brake components including:
  •     Pads
  •     Rotors
  •     Brake Hoses & Lines
  •     Seals
  •     Calipers
  •     Master Cylinder
  •     Anti-lock Brake Components
    Also Included:

  •     Scan for stored codes in Anti-lock brake system
  •     On hydraulic brakes we test the boiling point of the brake fluid
  •     On air brake systems we check the adjustment of the brakes
  •     All inspections come with written report on findings of the brake inspection service

If a full brake job is needed and purchased the cost of the brake inspection waived.

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