Extended Warranty Repair

Extended Warranty Repair

We offer extended warranty repair under the following conditions.


    We accept most extended warranty/service policies based on the guidelines listed in this agreement.

        Timeframe for Work

    1. We are required to receive an authorization number for the repairs from your warranty company before the repairs are performed. To obtain that authorization number we must follow the direction of your contract underwriter. Due to this factor, the time frame for the repairs to be completed cannot be determined until that authorization number has been provided. This means no guarantee of a “ Quick Completion Time”.

        Amounts Covered by Underwriter

    2. Your contract underwriter may choose to pay a lesser amount for some or all of the covered part(s) and/or labor based on the way the policy is written. Any amounts authorized that are under the estimated price for repair will be the responsibility of you “ the policy holder” and paid at time of completion.

       Collecting Payment from Underwriter

    4. Payment for the completed work that was authorized by the policy underwriter will be normally paid to us directly by them. If for any reason the underwriter of the policy does not pay the amount authorized then you “ the policy holder” will be responsible for the entire amount of the repair ticket total.

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