Cooling System Flush

A properly functioning cooling system circulates antifreeze/coolant through the engine and radiator, reducing heat levels produced by your RV’s engine. When your RV’s cooling system isn’t functioning properly, the temperature of your engine can get hot enough to damage itself. Heads can warp. Gaskets can blow. Your engine can fail. And all of those can be costly repairs.  Having your radiator inspected and keeping antifreeze/coolant fluids in good condition can save you a lot of money and time spent on the side of the road.  Brazel’s RV Performance will flush the cooling system with a cooling system cleaning additive and water to remove stubborn rust and corrosive deposits.  Just draining the radiator will only remove 40-45% of coolant, so the process of filling, running and draining the cooling system with cleaning additives is done at least 3 times to ensure a complete flush. The radiator cap and thermostat will also be replaced at this time.  All hoses will be inspected and you will be advised if they should be replaced. This preventative maintenance should be performed every two to three years.