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US2078 - UltraStop Park Brake Module Replacement With UltraSave Kit

Part# US2078This part supercedes part#'s US78 and US20 it combines these into one kit that inclu..

$778.80 $649.00

USP81 - P30 / P32 J71 Auto Apply Air Park Brake Conversion Kit

  Part# USP81 - P30 / P32 J71 Auto Apply Air Park Brake Conversion Kit This product is made t..

$1,530.00 $1,275.00

W8000504RS - Rebuild service for J71 Parking Brake Actuator Cylinders

Part# W8000504RSIf you order this part we do not send you anything, You send your actuator to us to ..

$358.80 $299.00

W8000504RK - J71 Actuator Seal Kit

Part# W8000504RKDescription:    If you have a hydraulic actuator that is leaking flui..

$107.94 $89.95

105297S - Workhorse Actia Instrument Cluster *Replacement Screen Kit*

Part# 105297S  -    This is a parts kit that we will ship to YOU. If you want us to d..

$238.80 $199.00

SPWEX8100 - UltraPower 8.1L Extreme Magnum Spark Plug Wires

Part# SPWEX8100 UltraPower 8.1L Extreme Magnum Workhorse Spark Plug WiresDescription:These are ..

$330.00 $275.00

Product Highlights & News
New seal kit offered for P32 J71 parking brake actuators

New seal kit offered for P32 J71 parking brake actuators

Alan 08/17/2016 1
This is a new product that we offer as an alternative to the new replacement. This kit contains three seals that are a part of the cylinder on the actuator used from 1995-2004 on the Chevrolet and Workhorse P32 Chassis. We also offer a rebuild service and rebuild exchange. This kit is a DIY kit with complete instructions on how to install the new seals provided in the kit. As always we are available for questions and for help in diagnosing issues with your automaticlly applying park brake....
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Replacement Parking Brake Pump for Workhorse Auto Park Systems

Replacement Parking Brake Pump for Workhorse Auto Park Systems

Alan 08/18/2016 1
Part# W8005231-USWe have released a new parking brake pump for the autopark systems. This is a replacement that can be used on Workhorse Chassis 2001-2005 P32 and 2004-2010 W24 Chassis with the J71 and J72* auto parking brake systems.This new pump is an upgraded design that has a larger motor and an integrated solenoid.The larger motor provides more torque for longer lifeThe integrated solenoid design reduces the need for multiple external lines.Unlike the factory pumps, this one allows for indi...
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Brazel's RV Rebuild Services

Brazel's RV Rebuild Services

Alan 08/18/2016 0
 J71 Parking Brake Actuator Rebuild ServiceWe offer a rebuild service for the Late 1995 and 1996-2004 Chevrolet and Workhorse P32 Chassis. This rebuild service repairs leaking actuators for the auto apply parking brake systems.  A cost effective repair compared to the replacement cost of a new actuator. New Actuators can cost as much as $1300.00 and the rebuild service is being offered at $299.00 with a 1 year warranty.There are two ways to have your actuator rebuilt.If you order Part# W8000504R...
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Workhorse Diagnostic Assistance

Workhorse Diagnostic Assistance

Alan 10/06/2016 0
We offer Technical Assistance for your Workhorse RV Chassis. This technical support includes Drivability, Auto Park Brake, Steering and Handling, and Electrical issues. Our staff is experienced and helpful for repair shops around the country, or RV owners that just need a little guidance. We also offer a full range of Genuine and Aftermarket parts for the Workhorse Chassis through our parts distribution site www.urvp.com. Please leave us a question or feedback about what we have done or can do t...
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