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734001 -  PDI Big Boss Performance Tuner Sale -10%

734001 - PDI Big Boss Performance Tuner

734001  -  PDI Big Boss Performance Tuner for Cummins, CAT & DetroitAn industry leader..

$3,172.50 $2,350.00

UPFORD - Ford V10 Ultra RV Tune

Part# UPFORD - V10 Power Upgrade Not legal to be shipped to California, Banks PedalMons..

$695.00 $499.00

105297S - Workhorse Actia Instrument Cluster *Replacement Screen Kit*

Part# 105297S  -    This is a parts kit that we will ship to YOU. If you want us to d..

$201.15 $149.00

UltraPower GM / Workhorse 8.1L Custom Tuning (ECM Only)

Description:UltraPower Custom Programming for the GM 8.1L 496cu has long been the ultimate performan..

$803.25 $595.00

SPW8100 - UltraPower 8.1L Magnum Spark Plug Wires

Part# SPW8100 - UltraPower 8.1L Magnum Workhorse Spark Plug Wires Description: UltraPower..

$202.49 $149.99

1091140 - Monaco Hydraulic Fan Controller

Part# 1091140  -  Monaco Hydraulic Fan ControllerDescription:This is the controller f..

$1,807.70 $1,339.04

W8000504N - J71 Parking Brake Actuator (New)

Part# W8000504NDescription:Brand new J71 Parking Brake Actuator Cylinder for P32 Model Years 1995-20..

$673.65 $499.00

US21 - UltraStop P32 Park Brake Pressure Switch Upgrade Kit

Part# US21 This kit Replaces GM Part Numbers: Green Switch (At Pump) GM# 15961566 - A..

$295.65 $219.00

US2078 - UltraStop Park Brake Module Replacement With UltraSave Kit

Part# US2078 Lead Time Notice This product has a 3 day lead time from date ordered. So this prod..

$943.65 $699.00

Product Highlights & News
New cylinder offered for P32 J71 parking brake actuators

New cylinder offered for P32 J71 parking brake actuators

Alan 08/17/2016 3
This is a new product that we offer as an alternative to the factory new replacement. This is the cylinder on the actuator used from 1995-2004 on the Chevrolet and Workhorse P32 Chassis for the automatic parking brake system. This is an upgraded cyli...
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Replacement Parking Brake Pump for Workhorse Auto Park Systems

Replacement Parking Brake Pump for Workhorse Auto Park Systems

Alan 08/18/2016 1
Part# W8005231-USWe have released a new parking brake pump for the autopark systems. This is a replacement that can be used on Workhorse Chassis 2001-2005 P32 and 2004-2010 W24 Chassis with the J71 and J72* auto parking brake systems.This new pump is...
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Brazel's RV Rebuild Services

Brazel's RV Rebuild Services

Alan 08/18/2016 0
 Upgraded J71 Parking Brake Actuator - New Replacement CylinderWhen we offered a rebuild service on this actuator cylinder for the Late 1995 and 1996-2004 Chevrolet and Workhorse P32 Chassis. We found many that were sent in for the rebuild service ha...
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Workhorse Diagnostic Assistance

Workhorse Diagnostic Assistance

Alan 10/06/2016 126
We offer Technical Assistance for your Workhorse RV Chassis. This technical support includes Drivability, Auto Park Brake, Steering and Handling, and Electrical issues. Our staff is experienced and helpful for repair shops around the country, or RV o...
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Actia Cluster Repairs

Actia Cluster Repairs

Alan 01/30/2017 1
In addition to our normal cluster rebuild service Part# 105297R, we can now repair Actia instrument cluster main board failures. This means we can replace processors, and other failed main board integrated components to get you cluster working again....
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