Chassis Inspection

Chassis Inspection

The chassis is the backbone of every RV.  It is the framework that not only supports the body of your RV, but also houses the primary mechanics of your recreation vehicle, including everything from the motor itself, to the transmission and drive train, down to the wheels, axles, suspension, fuel & exhaust systems,and electrical wiring.  RV's are built for comfort, but your safety is our primary concern.  Is your RV riding a little rough?  Do you feel a shimmy or vibration in your steering wheel?  Are your brakes starting to squeal or feel mushy?  Is your RV listing too much on curvy roads?  Do heavy winds effect your control?  These issues not only put the safety of you and your loved ones at risk, but also everyone else on the highway with you.  Let our professionally trained technicians assess the safety and driveability of your RV.  Steering, handling, and stability are essential to keeping you safely between the white lines.  Brazel's RV Performance provides an extensive multi-point inspection to help identify safety concerns, improve fuel mileage, and prevent issues before you get underway for your next trip.  Whether you are purchasing a new to you RV, traveling the country, or just getting your coach out from storage, let the professionals here make sure that your next trip goes smoothly and safely.

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