Auto Park Brake

Automatic parking brake systems were used in applications where the parking pawl rating in the transmission was less then the gross vehicle weight rating. In these applications the pawl was removed from the transmission. The automatic apply systems were installed in place of the park position inside the transmission.
We specialize in diagnosing and repairing these parking brake systems. We have over 10 years of experience with these systems. We offer technical assistance and parts support to RV owners and shops across the country to keep your parking brake working as designed. We have found the common failure points and offer upgrades to cure those.
Some examples of chassis that the automatic apply parking brake systems are used on are the Chevrolet P30, Workhorse P32, W24, and R26 chassis, also Freightliner FRED Chassis.
There are two common versions of these systems made by Carlisle, they are the J71 and J72. The main differences between these two are the J71 has a drum and shoe style brake on the back of the transmission that is serviceable with a separate actuator on the frame rail; where the J72 uses a brake that combines the brake and actuator into a single part on the back of the transmission that is non serviceable, and must be replaced as an assembly.