ISB 6.7L 2007.5-2009 Performance Kit

ISB 6.7L 2007.5-2009 Performance Kit


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2110304P - TS Performance MP8 Pro Cummins ISB 6.7L2007.5-2012


Part# 2110304P - TS Performance MP8 Pro Cummins ISB 6.7L 07.5-2012


Ste pinto the future with TS Performance’s new MP-8 Pro diesel performance module.TS Performance now offers RV and medium-duty turbo diesel owners the last module they will ever need. The MP-8 Pro holds diesel vehicle brand specific programs that deliver improved horsepower, torque and fuel economy from one plug-and-play module.


·        2007.5-2012 Cummins ISB 6.7L (300HP/325HP/340HP)

Key Features:

·        Easy Plug & Play Installation

·        New weatherproof casing

·        Does not leave fingerprint in the factory computer

·        Excellent module for improved towing performance

·        Won’t increase Exhaust Gas Temperatures

·        In-Cab Adjustable on most vehicles

·        You can choose to add up to +30% Horsepower over Stock!

When the MP-8 Pro is plugged into your RV's engine sensors, it automatically selects the appropriate programming and provides your RV with a selection of performance levels. You can simply select the power level on your MP-8 Pro and mount the knob back in the engine compartment or if you want to mount the knob controller in your cab, you’ll need the optional 40 foot long cable which will have to be run from the engine compartment all the way to your driver’s seat area.

Simply plug in the MP-8 Pro, and start enjoying up to 30% more horsepower and corresponding increases in torque.

People often ask how the MP-8 Pro from TS Performance can make such substantial gains in horsepower without raising rail pressure beyond factory specs. The answer is that both the map sensor and fuel pressure sensor are fully programmable. TS Performance reprograms the sensor signals making the map sensor think it is at a different boost level, and tricking it into adding injection timing accordingly.

Improve the power and fuel economy of your RV or Medium Duty truck today with the MP-8 Pro module from TS Performance!


1130730 - Bosch Fuel Rail Pressure Plug


Part # 1130730


The Bosch Fuel Rail Pressure Plug is used in conjunction with the TS Performance MP8 for the 2007.5-2012 Cummins ISB 6.7L (TSP2110304).It replaces the factory fuel pressure relief valve. The TS Performance instructions want you to remove the factory fuel pressure relief valve and shim it with washers which are both a difficult and delicate operation that we do not advise. It is also not as reliable as using a dedicated fuel rail"race" plug in place of the factory valve. The reason for modifying the fuel rail pressure relief valve is so that spikes in fuel pressure do not set check engine lights or de-rate the motor.


64009 - Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge Kit


Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) is a very important gauge to have on any diesel engine, especially if modifications have been made to increase horsepower and torque. The Banks Power EGT Gauge Kit will accurately measure your exhaust gas temperatures up to 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit. This kit utilizes high quality components that are specific for use on motorhomes.

We recommend installing the Thermocouple Probe in the exhaust manifold pre-turbo. This location will provide the most accurate readings.


  • Monitors exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
  • Protects durability by eliminating safe-EGT-level guesswork
  • Eliminates erroneous readings with ambient temperature compensation
  • Accurate within 15 degree F at maximum operating temperatures
  • 2000 degree F-rated, chromel-alumel thermocouple wire provides superior conductivity
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Illuminated 0-1500F full-sweep face
  • Comes with probe & 55' lead wire

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