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Workhorse W24 Performance Package Stage 3

Workhorse W24 Performance Package Stage 3


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Kit Contents:

Ultrapower GM / Workhorse 8.1L Custom Tuning


Part # UPGM


UltraPower Custom Programming for the GM 8.1L 496cu has long been the ultimate performance modification you can make to your Workhorse/Chevrolet RV or truck with the highest power gains on the market, at the best price. Thousands of satisfied customers have reported fuel economy increases along with the addition of the extra pulling power when tackling steep grades. Also, less downshifting will occur as a result of the increased power. UltraPower Custom Tuning works very well on both stock engines and ones that have been upgraded with Banks Power Systems. Banks even admits their handheld AutoMind only changes one parameter within the computer, whereas UltraPower changes approximately 400 parameters. That is the difference between cookie-cutter and custom.

We are now offering Allison Transmission tuning on model years 2001-2004 W-Series. The main change you will notice is the transmission will shift into overdrive below 50 MPH when under light throttle. We also demand more load before it will downshift when pulling hills which means less downshifting. Increased line pressures also helps prolong the life of the transmission and optimizes the shift points. If you select this option you will pay an additional $350.


SPWEX8100 - UltraPower 8.1L Extreme Magnum Spark Plug Wires


Part# SPWEX8100 UltraPower 8.1L Extreme Magnum Workhorse Spark Plug Wires


These are the Mack-daddy of all spark plug wires! Never burn another wire again!

UltraPower Extreme Magnum Spark Plug Wires are patent protected because of the unique method of producing these wires which have extremely low resistance while maintaining very high noise suppression. The benefit of this invention is that full electrical energy from the ignition source is transmitted to the spark plug. The end result of the application of this method is increased horsepower, torque, fuel economy and a smoother running engine.



·         Patented Solid Stainless Steel Core Spark Plug Wires with RF Eliminator

·         The technology in these wires come straight from Nascar and is not available on the open market. They are made out of a patented zero OHM, solid core stainless steel wire wrapped by silver plated copper conductor wire and are outfitted with an RFI eliminator collar that guarantees no interference with radios.

·         These wires eliminate the need for the GM factory metal heat shields.

·         Wires are sleeved from top to bottom with high temperature fiberglass/acrylic socks that will withstand up to 1500º F & 1000º F continuously.

·         These wires were engine dyno tested for 2500 hours under wide open throttle conditions and were the only wires that could hold up to those conditions. Even ceramic wires wouldn't last.

·         Increase power to the spark plug up to 400% over stock!

·         Adds up to 15HP on Big Block GM engines.

·         True Life-Time Lasting Wires, Life-Time Warranty!


41-101 - Set of 8 - Iridium Spark Plug For 8.1L


Part# 41-101 - Iridium Spark Plug for 8.1L

Sold as a set of 8


49548 Banks Power Torquetubes Workhorse W24 W/ Push Button Shifter


Part # 49548


One look at Banks TorqueTubes tells you how radically different they are from the stock exhaust manifolds. Constructed of heavy-wall, 400-series stainless steel, TorqueTubes have 1/2-inch-thick flanges that are welded on both sides and then machined perfectly flat (no gaskets needed). They never crack, leak or fail.

TorqueTubes tuned-length tubes produce a huge reserve of low-end torque that proves its worth on every steep grade and short onramp. Now your Workhorse climbs faster and stronger, without the transmission struggling between gears. The muscle to stay in higher gears longer not only stops annoying "shift happy" performance, it lessens the load on your engine and transmission. Here's power to reach freeway speed sooner for safe merging and passing.


853072 - Workhorse 8.1l Performance Mufflers

Part # 853072 - Workhorse 8.1L Performance Mufflers

This is a direct replacement for the Workhorse mufflers, minus the factory flanges which should be reused. These mufflers also flow much more than the factory mufflers so you will want to install them as a set. These mufflers have proven to increase performance and extract exhaust heat from the engine. These gains are also achieved while still retaining the factory mellow sound. We have seen on average a 10-15 horsepower increase with these mufflers installed when tested on the chassis dyno.

A popular choice for most customers is to install these mufflers along with a set of Banks TorqueTube headers. This will give you the performance that the headers provide and still leave you with true dual exhaust all the way back, without leaving the restrictive factory mufflers in place. With this combination we see about 30 horsepower and 40 ft. lbs. torque increase. 


·         Workhorse Motor Home Chassis from 2001-2010


·         Gains of 10-15 HP and 15-20 lb-ft TQ

·         Gains of .5-1 MPG

·         Downshifts less approaching hills


49194 Banks Power Ram-air Intake System GM - 8.1l W-series Workhorse 01-10


Part # 49194


Replaces constricted factory setup; flows up to 66% better than stock. Incl. large custom filter housing cover, tubing, adapter and high-flow lifetime filter.
2001-10 models

Banks' intake improvements take advantage of the natural supercharging effect ram-air provides. (If you've ever stuck your hand out the window at 60-mph and felt the force working against it, you know what ram-air is.) Banks behind-the-grille Super-Scoop® is 156% larger than the stock piece to harness more ram-air, separate out debris and rainwater and send the ram-air through a 4-inch duct to the high-flow, lifetime Banks Ram-Air filter. That packs cool, dense ram-air into your engine, increasing power and efficiency.

Banks Ram-Air Intake System delivers cool, dense air to cylinders.

• Complete air intake system including Banks' mammoth Super-Scoop air inlet and ducting

• Lifetime filter flows more cool, dense ram-air into engine

• Includes service kit for use every 30,000-50,000 miles

• 5-year Limited Warranty (filter: Lifetime Limited Warranty)

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