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ISC 8.3L / ISL 8.9L 1998-2005 Performance Kit

ISC 8.3L / ISL 8.9L 1998-2005 Performance Kit


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12100 - Area Diesel RV Power Module ISC 8.3L & ISL 8.9L w/ CAPS Fuel System (98-05)


Part # 12100 - Area Diesel RV Power Module ISC 8.3L & ISL 8.9L w/CAPS Fuel System (98-05)


The 12100 RV Edition modules fits the ISC 8.3L and ISL 8.9L Cummins engine utilizing the CAPS fuel injection pump from 1998.5-2005. The Area Diesel RV Edition Module is designed for everyday use whether you are towing or just looking to save some money on fuel costs. We have been getting fantastic feedback from our customers regarding this module and ZERO issues.

The RV Edition module will increase your power 65HP over stock all while delivering fuel economy benefits of 1 mpg. They are dyno tested to a 40k load so we can ensure that you are towing safely. This module is self-adjusting based on load and will deliver up to 20% more power when needed.

And before you ask…no this does not flash your ECM! Instead we receive the data from the ECM and optimize the signal to the engine to improve both power and fuel efficiency.True Plug-and-Play connectivity means we aren’t going to ask you to cut and splice any wires. Just connect the module into your existing factory connectors.


·        1998-2005 ISC 8.3L w/ CAPS Fuel System

·        1998-2005 ISL 8.9L w/ CAPS Fuel System

​2003+ Model Years should verify that they do have CAPS and not Common Rail fuel system. You can call us with your Cummins Engine Serial # to verify if not sure.


AT4040XL Aeroturbine 4" Resonated Muffler


Part # AT4040XL


For those unfamiliar with the Aero line of mufflers, they are a compact stainless steel muffler designed to be added to nearly any exhaust system that offers unrestricted airflow, while having unremarkable sound characteristics.  The XL line of the Aero Turbines is considered their resonated version designed specifically to cancel out any in-cab drone that is typical of many aftermarket mufflers.  

4" ID Inlet
4" ID Outlet
6" Body Diameter
16" Body Length
26" Overall Length

Built from T304 stainless steel inside and out, this muffler does not have any of the traditional packing found in many other mufflers that is known to breakdown over time, but rather uses a series of louvered baffles that are also designed to literally "suck" the exhaust away from the engine, even faster than a straight pipe, which results in lower exhaust gas temperatures. 


UP95G - Heavy Duty Lift Pump for Cummins ISC & ISL CAPS Fuel System


Part# UP95G - Heavy Duty Lift Pump for Cummins ISC &  ISL CAPS Fuel System


This heavy duty adjustable fuel pump is designed to meet the demands of the added strain of a performance module on the CAPS fuel system. The CAPS fuel system is known to be a weak fuel system as the factory lift pump only engages for the first 30-45 seconds after the key-switch is engaged. After this, the CAPS pump"pulls" the fuel and acts as the only pump in the system. By adding this heavy duty pump, not only are you taking away a lot of stress on the CAPS pump but you are also providing a steady flow of fuel that will help cool and lubricate the pump to increase the reliability and longevity of the CAPS pump.This adjustable pump is rated at 95 gallons of diesel fuel per hour and come preset at 15 PSI. Using a 1/8" Allen plug, you can make a quick clockwise adjustment to increase pressure or counter clockwise to decrease pressure.


·        1998.5-2005 Cummins 8.3L ISC (315/330/350HP) CAPS Fuel System

·        1998.5-2003 Cummins 8.9L ISL (380/400HP) CAPS Fuel System



64009 - Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge Kit



Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) is a very important gauge to have on any diesel engine, especially if modifications have been made to increase horsepower and torque. The UltraPower EGT Gauge Kit will accurately measure your exhaust gas temperatures up to 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit. This kit utilizes high quality components that are specific for use on motor homes. Currently this is the only complete EGT Gauge Kit produced for diesel pusher motor homes.

We install the temperature probe in the exhaust manifold pre-turbo. This location will provide the most accurate readings.


  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge Displays 100-1500 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 2-1/16" Diameter Gauge
  • Black Face / White Lettering / White Illumination / Red Pointer
  • 270 Degree Full-Sweep for more detail and easier readability
  • Mechanical Gauge
  • 60 foot lead
  • Thermocouple (1/4" NPFT) is 2.25" type K and has a brass fitting for use in diesel applications.

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